Saturday, March 14, 2009

Young Cowboy

More experiments with texture and tone --- this photo was taken at the Houston Rodeo on Wednesday as kids and women of all shapes and sizes took their turn on the mechanical bull.


  1. You made it look like an old photo in need of restoration. I don't mean that in a negative way. You did a good job using texture in creating that look.


  2. Very nice! You really did change the whole mood of that image. I like the blur in his hand and his intense concentration. I like the slant too.


  3. That is an intense look on his face, like nothing in his life has ever been as important. The texture fits the shot. Do your subjects ever get to see what you shoot?

  4. If I'm out shooting and interact with the person I try and give them a business card and get their email address and send them a jpg, but there are times (like this) where it's a random photo and it just goes out there.