Sunday, March 29, 2009

black and white

Above is another photo from the Digital Days photo shoot last weekend with Shelley Boozer. I did some fairly heavy eye retouching on this photo after watching a great tutorial on facial retouching on with David Cuerdon. I guess my only wish was that her left eye wasn't in such deep shadows and that both eyes were equally prominent. I retouched only her right eye, so I think it makes the contrast between the two even more apparent. I'd be interested to hear opinions - does the dramatic lighting make up for the unequal weight the eyes seem to have?


  1. Really nice exposure and I love the B&W treatment.

    Did you try to touch up the left eye and see what it looked like? I don't see that much of a problem, but Larry P. would be a better judge of portraits.


  2. Her skin looks very nice here, and I can see that the white area of her left eye is brighter, but I probably wouldn't have noticed if I hadn't been looking. I think you have enough detail in the shadow area. For me, it just adds dimension to the image.


  3. First, for anyone interested, Scott Kelby Training is well worth the money. It provides you with some very good information that you can easily use.

    Next, I like the skin treatment very much. It looks natural without going over the top. As to the eyes, I do think that your treatment on her right eye does make you focus on it more, but, based upon the lighting I think that is what should happen. I think that if you put the left side of her face in a little more of a shadow, it MIGHT help with the difference between the two eyes. Just a thought.

    Looking at this young lady, I would guess that she is really fit. Yet, the pose does not really show that. The position of her left arm makes it look like she either has a real set of "guns" or a ham hock for her biceps. Neither one would add to making her look her very best.

    Good job with the lighting and the overall retouching.