Monday, March 2, 2009


Here's another photo from Mardi Gras last week in Galveston. It was taken at the pet parade down the Seawall on Sunday. As I was working on this photo I was trying to determine what kind of hat this is --- synthetic fur, not animal looking at all. Anyway, I was (and still am) stumped. If you have any ideas, please feel free to comment. A fractal texture has been added, so the level of contrast and sharpness is a bit exaggerated. Still, even though I couldn't figure out the hat, I thought it made for an interesting, and at the very least colorful, image. I got to thinking about the images of people I've posted on this blog since September, and it seems like most have hats on. It's almost uncanny. What is it about a hat that draws you to an image? Is it some kind feeling of nostalgia back to the days of when people got "dressed up," they wore a hat. And is the eye of the photographer or viewer subconsciously drawn to that?

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  1. I like the photograph. I think that this subject would have made a great abstract. Look at all that color and image it with either some motion blur or out of focus. Good job.