Thursday, March 26, 2009

Astros fan

After shooting the sunrise, our photo club members went over the the Jamail Skate Park, where they were having an all-girls skating competition and exhibition. The little guy above in the Astros cap was one of the spectators. The aged photo effect was achieved with a golden texture in overlay blending mode, then another layer of a greyscale emulsion in color burn blending mode, which was masked and applied only to the edge.


  1. Nice texture Steve. Do you generally try to pick a color out of the photo to help determine your final product? The browns go well with his shirt.


  2. Good use of texture and border, but all of that would not really mean much if you had not captured a good image to start with. I really like his expression. It is almost as if he knew something that you do not know.

    Really nice work.

  3. Excellent portrait and post-processing Steve!

    Well done!

  4. I normally try and pick a texture that fits the look of the original photo, ie subtle texture for a more subdued image, and a more intense texture for a more dynamic image.