Tuesday, March 31, 2009

sowle sister

This photo was taken last Saturday at the Jamail Skate Park, when they opened it up to young girls. It was amazing to me how fearless these girls were on skateboards. There were lots of knee pads and helmets, even a cast or two, but these young ladies were all out there doing what they love. And I guess the same could be said for the group of 10-15 Bay Area Photo Club members who were there also - each one doing what they love trying to get that one unique shot ... although I don't think any of us were in helmets. A masked Lucis Art layer was applied to the image above to bring up the contrast on the concrete, a texture was added to warm up and bring in even more grittiness, and the corners were vignetted.


  1. Nice shot Steve! I really like the post-processing you did here as well. I'm looking forward to your upcoming tutorial at BAPC to learn more about textures and edges!


  2. No doubt about it, you captured this young lady's intensity. I think that is the whole photo. Really good job.

  3. This girl was my favorite target that day. She had a great smile and loved having her picture taken.

    You did a great job capturing her intensity and fearlessness.