Sunday, March 22, 2009

digital days

This weekend, I had the good fortune of attending Popular Photography's Digital Days Workshop and Seminar in Houston. Besides driving home some basics that never hurts to hear again and again, they had a long session on Adobe Lightroom and photo shoot Sunday with live models and light set-ups. Shelley (above) was ever so patient while provided some great poses for aspiring portrait photographers. Processing involved mixing a sepia layer from Nik Silver Efex with reduced opacity and using OnOne Photo Tools Angel Glow filter from Kevin Kubota.


  1. I looks like you used two lights on this one: one hight camera left and the other about face high camera right. Nice lighting. I also like your post processing. I have used this type of post processing a few times and have usually like what I got. Good job.

  2. Beautiful shot of a beautiful model!

    Well done Steve!