Sunday, October 18, 2009

Kelly Crabb

I had the pleasure of photographing actress/model Kelly Crabb Friday down in Galveston. She was on the reality TV show The Amazing Race Season 13. We've been trying to work out the details for a photo shoot for a while now. Little did we know that a nice cool front would move through Thursday night and the weather would be perfect Friday. Larry Patrick, Cindi Barker, Shirley Pearce and I met up with Kelly on the Strand and shot for about 2 hours, ending with some fitness shots and portraits near sunset. We used our favorite strobist-type lighting -- basically Nikon SB800 flash units fired through some simple light modifiers. The shot above was one of the first I took Friday. Kelly is just as fun and easy going as she is pretty. What a great smile, huh? Please watch my blog for more from this photo shoot.


  1. Beautifully done Steve!

    What's the strobist info? Two flashes, one camera left for fill and one camera right and up as key? What was the ambient light like? It looks like it must have been very soft? Great exposure!

    Well done!

  2. We were shooting pretty fast here, but the best I can remember we had one SB800 superclamped to a handrail on some steps off camera right with the white reflector card out to barn door it onto the bricks. And we had another SB800 on a stand off camera left. Both at about 1/8 to 1/4 power. In Photoshop I used one of the soft focus presets in Topaz Adjust to soften the face and selectively masked it in. Also did a black and white layer with Nik Silver Efex and put it into luminosity blending mode to build some contrast and texture on the brick. Then added the vignetting.

  3. You can see the lighting in the catchlights in her eyes.

    I like the background separation in this one.