Monday, October 12, 2009

In the Trenches #7

What I really envisioned for this image was a dark edge, and while I liked the emulsion and tones from the textures previously added, I decided to add another texture to impart a dark edge. The texture I used for this is below. I also added a mask and duplicated the right side and flipped it over to the left so both edges would be black. I also duplicated the bottom left corner in a couple of other layer blends to warm up that corner of the image because the grey tones from the first layer were showing through a bit too much. As I look at this image now, I think maybe I could have even gone further with the bottom corners -- possibly making them a little more brown to better match the brown emulsion vignetting at the top. One of the most difficult things about adding textures for me is how various parts of an image interact with an overlay tone. For example, in this image the pink shirt goes completely black in the lower right, while there is detail in all the other corners. There's also a pretty extreme bit of grunge in the lower left. As a graphic artist, I really gravitate towards symmetry, but sometimes with these grunge-type textures you just have to go with the randomness they introduce.


  1. Looking good. The edges are great. That irregular effect happens to me also, even when I flip or rotate the texture it often still does it so it must be the underlying image, not the texture layer. Can you share those textures? Post them here?

  2. Links to the textures:

  3. I am liking what you are doing. Amazing how different it looks from the 1st one you started with in this series.

    Nice job.

  4. Cool. I never noticed those textures on flickr before.

    Thanks for the link!

  5. Steve,

    Alternatively, I'm thinking you might do a careful selection on the subject, use Command or Ctrl J to bring the selection up on its own layer, and then insert any appropriate background you like behind the subject.