Saturday, July 18, 2009

Why I Use Lucis Art #3

This image was taken in May from the front porch of Montpelier, near Charlotttesville, Virginia. Lucis Art was used to enhance the clouds here. It almost seems like cheating at times. Honestly, you can create the most incredible cloudy skies from almost nothing. There is magic in that program that transforms a normal sky into something other-wordly. But that brings up an interesting point. Along with using Lucis, I've been doing some HDR during the last couple of years, and when you try and use Lucis on top of a tonemapped HDR -- well it's too much of a good thing. The sky becomes terribly grainy and begins to fall apart. But if you're on vacation, in a place you probably won't ever be again, have limited time, and possibly have an impatient spouse ready to move on to the next site, and you want this great dynamic sky -- Lucis is the answer.


  1. I like the sky in this one Steve but too me the greens are over-saturated. Good composition.

  2. That is just fantastic looking. What kind of magic is that?