Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Renaissance Festival Abstract

If you've followed this blog at all or if you're a member of the Bay Area Photo Club, you probably know that last fall I along with a couple of fellow BAPC members went to the Texas Renaissance Festival to photograph people. Larry J. Patrick gave a great body of work presentation on some of those images, and I've posted a lot of my portraits here on this blog. It was probably a turning point for my photography. It made me much more comfortable shooting people and using flash, and it gave me the opportunity to learn new skills retouching portraits. While 90% of images from that day were portraits of people, we did make one stop at a booth selling soaps and oils. I took a few shots of these wavy bottles filled with different colored oils (above). So, here's a non-portrait shot from that day -- abstracted even further with some color saturation and a special Photoshop plug-in called Fractalius, which transforms sharp edges into feather-like highlights.


  1. Terrific abstract Steve!
    Great dynamic composition and you can't go wrong with red, green, blue color combinations!

  2. Really beautiful, I would never have guessed it was wavy bottles of oil. That Fractalius adds a lot too, gives it more movement.

  3. Top notch use of a simple subject and the primary colors.

    Don't look now, but I think your outstanding graphical talent is showing with this photo!

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