Wednesday, July 8, 2009 such a young age

There's a term in digital photography called "chimping." It's one of those words that's evolved into common vernacular in the days of high resolution LCD displays on the backs of dSLRs. The reasoning holds that photographers at all skill levels can't help but take a peek at their images on the 2- to 3-inch displays on the backs of their cameras. And in their excitement over the good photos, they make this monkey-like grunt. It's all explained here in a video I saw several years ago on The photo above was taken at the Bay Area Photo Club field trip last Saturday. This is a photo of Colleen and her niece, and as you can see -- this chimping phenomenon starts early in life.


  1. I have taken some classes from professionals and they all have the habit. So, we may a a future photographer on our hands. We can always used more and better images.

  2. To me, the whole story of this image is the relative size of the child to the camera with a telephoto lens on it. I have no idea how, but I think I would have like to try to explore this more.

    Good shot and good post-processing.

    PS-I find it most interesting that the word verification word for me to post this comment is: "canon."

  3. Great shot Steve. I like the whole package - composition, color, edge treatment, and all. But mostly it's just a lot of fun!