Thursday, October 30, 2008

environmental portraits

The assignment for the Bay Area Photo Club in November is environmental portrait. The photo of the shrimper was taken this past weekend in Galveston. I had to ask this guy a couple of times if I could take his photo, and finally he agreed. But in the rush to get a couple of shots, I totally underestimated how distracting the net behind him is. I was thinking it added to the environment, but since it's so sharp and dark it becomes pretty prominent. The photo of the surgeon is the chief of Plastic Surgery at UTMB, who needed some portraits made earlier this year. Just wanted some feedback on these images. Please feel free to post comments - composition, lighting, and applicability to environmental portrait.


  1. Steve,

    I quite like the portrait of the surgeon. You did a nice job with the selective focus and I like the light falloff (although it looks almost as if a mask wasn't quite tight enough [or perhaps not soft enough] around her head on our left). I think it's extraordinary that you don't have any significant shadows behind her despite apparently using a flash. And that leads to my main suggestion for improvement -- the shine on her chin, cheeks, and particularly the tip of her nose detracts from her appearance in my opinion. Nothing a little healing brush in darken mode can't fix :-)

    As for the shrimper, I think you could apply a slight lens blur to the net and be fine.

  2. I really like the surgeon shot. I like the soft lighting, the colors, the depth of field. The only thing I don't like is the paper towel dispenser right behind her head.

    And I still like the shrimper, just with the net a little more blurred and lighter.