Wednesday, October 29, 2008

birds of a different feather

OK, two posts and two bird photos - some have asked if this is going to be exclusively bird photos. Well no, not exactly - just an outlet for some photos I'm working on. And recently it seems I've been shooting birds. Maybe that's where I have my greatest comfort zone - watching them and trying to figure the best ways to shoot them. This past weekend, though, I did some other kinds of photography besides nature, and I'll be posting them here in the near future. The photo above of the US Air Force Thunderbirds was taken Sunday at the Wings Over Houston Air Show at Ellington Field. It was a great day - bright blue skies and perfect shooting conditions. There's something about flight that really intriques me -- freezing that moment in time in a photograph is such a challenging and gratifying experience. I guess the Thunderbirds are not too different than a bird ... just a heck of a lot harder to track with a 400 mm lens.


  1. Beautiful shot Steve! It might benefit from a tad more room on top and bottom so your mat doesn't hide a wingtip. I'll have to try this again one of these days (I haven't attended one of the airshows at Ellington Field in about 15 years).

    Well done!

  2. I don't know....I think you could be in a rut! I happen to know you shoot flowers and landscapes and people too, although not lame signs.

    Still, a nice sharp image of some really fast 'birds and it shows your superior panning skills as well. I am looking forward to more.


  3. Liked all three shots so far. I am looking forward to more updates! I liked the theme of flight so far, but I am sure that will change as time goes on.