Thursday, October 30, 2008

in need of direction

Nothing flying today, just a simple landscape that was taken last weekend on the beach in Galveston. Some photo club members and I got up early and shot the pilings where the businesses like the Balinese Room once stood. We were trying to get the water movement blurred under the pilings ... and had mixed success. This shot was taken in the other direction - toward the Flagship Hotel, which is on a pier extending out into the Gulf of Mexico. If you look close you can see two fishermen on the rock pier in the background. I guess I was thinking that the bent metal shaft in the ground was somehow symbolic of the lack of direction in people's lives on the island post-Ike. And then when I got home, I realized that this metal pole was part of one of the businesses on piers all right - a Hooter's restaurant. So much for my theory.


  1. Beautiful shot Steve! I like the composition and tranquil feel of the shot!

    You must have spent an awful lot of time in that Hooters to be able to recogize that piece of scrap as coming form there! LOL


  2. Hmm, if I know Steve, I bet the closest he came to Hooters was driving on Seawall. Great shot though. Hope we get to see more of the shots taken last weekend.