Monday, October 27, 2008

welcome back, old friend

A welcome sight recently in the Galveston area has been the annual migration of white pelicans through the area. The migration seems earlier this year…or maybe it’s just that you’re looking for something to bring a sense of “the way it used to be” back into your life. So in this post-Ike world, is it nostalgia or hope? Hope that the powers that be see fit to rebuild Galveston and not let things linger to the point that good and talented people just walk away from the island out of frustration. This all will take time, I know, but for now it sure feels good to have the white pelicans here.


  1. Very nice Steve! I really like the composition and colors!


  2. That nice blue water sets off the white of the pelican. I like the horizontal lines of the waves and the diagonal of the pelican's body and beak. It is good to see nature recovering.

    Is this setting the trend for a bird blog?


  3. I think just a coincidence about two bird photos in a row. I'll have different stuff up soon.