Wednesday, October 22, 2008

...with both feet

OK, I'm jumping into the deep end. Hand holding my nose and with a running start, I'm (finally) starting my blog. I've been threatening to do this for a while; I actually have had this blog name since July, but something always seemed to take precedence, so I never did much with it. Then came September 12 here in the Houston-Galveston area, and all things came to a screeching halt. Hurricane Ike hit the area, and anything that wasn't remotely involved with the clean up and recovery from that took a back seat. So now six weeks later, I'm still not back in my day job office in Galveston (although working from home), but things here in Clear Lake have seemed to become normal in this world some call "the new normal." Alot of people take photos of the devastation in Galveston - the piles of debris on street curbs and the gutted buildings - but I have a hard time doing it. I guess it's too personal, too hard to see the place you grew up in such ruin. Immediately after Ike, we put hummingbird feeders out to catch the fall migration of these beautiful (and extremely fast) creatures. They swarmed the feeders, and I put my beginner lighting skills to work by using an off-camera flash to capture them. So, this is my first post. It's not an Ike photo. Maybe some day, but not right now. Hummingbirds are so much prettier.


  1. YEA!I get to make the first comment on your blog.

    And you made a big splash too --- beautiful capture of the hummingbird --- I love his beak peaking through the fan-like wings. Nice background. Great use of that flash.

    Looking forward to reading your posts and viewing the photos. I'll be busy with trying to keep up with your and Barry's blogs.


  2. Outstanding.

    I liked this one the first time you showed it to me and I still really like it. You have done an outstanding job capturing the essence of a hummingbird--the fast wings. And, yet, we still have everything else very sharp.