Sunday, November 2, 2008

not much of a catch

Here's another environmental portrait of a shrimper ... taken on the Bay Area Photo Club field trip this past Saturday in Galveston. You'd never guess, but this shot was taken in mid-day sun - the background was SO bright, it really took some finessing to knock it down in tone and lighting in Photoshop. I used some layers with varying exposures to take the background down, then used Nik Silver Efex to make a sepia layer and mixed it with the full saturation layer at about 64%; also brought up the sharpness in the face, hands, and shirt - which I thought were visually interesting. .... I asked the guy how shrimping was, and he said "not much of a catch." I think I could say the same thing about my photos Saturday. It was one of those days. Comments welcome.


  1. Hello Steve!

    I like the gritty feel of the photo! You can really tell this fellow put in a hard day of work (it makes me glad I'm not a shrimper :-).

    Good to see you on the field trip this past Saturday!


  2. Nice photograph. I think I like this one better. It seems to have a more realistic feel to it.


  3. I like this image a lot better also. The nets are part of the shot and not distracting like in the first shrimper one. I like the background very much --- I would never know you had done all that work on it. The only thing that I wish was different is the expression on his face...he looks to be in pain, but that job could very well cause that.