Saturday, November 15, 2008

finding a new home

This photo was taken at Armand Bayou early one morning when I was out practicing some panning blurs - where you shake your camera as you take the photo creating an out of focus abstraction of the subject. I was shooting trees on one side of the bayou, and when I looked across I saw the scene above so I took a couple of photos. I didn't think much about them for quite a while, but when the Arts Alliance Center at Clear Lake announced they were holding an auction, I thought this print might be good to donate since it was of local interest. So last Saturday night they had the auction. There were some great items there. The theme was "small works by great minds," since the artwork had to be no larger than 11"x14". Anyway, as I stood in line to pay for a bluebonnet painting that I bid on and won, a young woman stood in the next line with my photo, which she had won. I probably should have told her that it was my photo she was holding...told her a little about the story of how it was shot and processed...but I didn't. I paid for my bluebonnets and quietly left the Arts Center, knowing that my print was getting a life outside of my computer. I thought about how casually I had dismissed this shot, and yet someone else had thought enough of it to buy it and bring it into their home. And that's what any piece of art (or person for that matter) needs - a place to call home, a place where they're valued.


  1. Congrats on getting you photo sold! A great shot and a worthy cause!


  2. It is a great looking shot and congrats on the donation. I always liked the sepia stuff you shoot at Armand Bayou.