Sunday, November 9, 2008


The photo above is of the pilings where a Galveston restaurant once stood over the Gulf of Mexico. It was destroyed during Hurricane Ike, and all that's left are these pilings. I've read news stories recently that some of these businesses are going to rebuild in the same location. Is it the lure of tourism dollars that causes people to think they can beat mother nature? Will tourism ever return to pre-Ike levels in Galveston? Hard to know. I see a church group tent along Broadway every day as I head home that offers a free meal at 3:30; and when I pass by at 5:30 it's still going strong. For me, it's hard to think of tourism when local residents just need a hot meal.


  1. Beautiful shot Steve!

    I hadn't heard that those businesses are going to rebuild. That is good news as far as I'm concerned. Those places were such a familiar part of Galveston's personality. It'll be good to have them back and to know that the people who owned them were able to recover from the loss.


  2. A very peaceful looking shot, hard to understand the destruction that it represents. I like the soft water and the almost-but-not-quite-symmetrical composition of the pilings, and of course the colorful sky.

    It must be hard for the islanders and people who work on Galveston to think past the next hot meal, but if someone doesn't then the island can't recover. I too hope that a lot of the great old places can be rebuilt and that Galveston can once again be the lively and interesting place we know it to be.