Wednesday, June 2, 2010


This photo was taken over 5 years ago in March 2005. In the workflow of Mr. Larry Patrick, this one would have been long gone. As I recall, I was in Galveston on the UTMB campus on a Saturday with time to kill and a camera in my hands. There are these elevated pipes behind the hospital that carry utilities all over campus -- one of those things you see all the time but never have a camera around. This time I did. They were gleaming stainless steel, so I did some texturing and toning to get what you see here. Nikon D100, 50mm; f/9.5, 1/160 sec; +0.5 EV; spot metering (and I never spot meter). EXIF doesn't lie. I have no idea why I was spot metering.


  1. I'm smiling --- it's nice to know other photographers have no idea why their exif data shows certain settings. I can see why you were attracted to those pipes, they have great lines and form. And so much detail for a reflective surface, so I guess maybe they were in shade? I really like your toning, it retains the feel of the metal. Did you take any straight-on shots with the lines level, instead of on a slight diagonal like here? The lower pipes turn up on a diagonal and almost lead the eye to that one valve area that breaks up the straight lines, and just wonder what a different angle would look like.

  2. I do not think that I would have deleted this one. It has too many things going for it.

    The lines and the reflective surface make this photo. I like your treatment of this it because the treatment seems to say "old photo" yet the subject is something modern. I think it makes for good tension within the photo.