Sunday, May 30, 2010

Monument Valley Sunrise

Sunrise at Monument Valley, April 21, 2010. We were at Monument Valley for two sunrises, and after getting up early both days, unfortunately both sunrises weren't that spectacular. Still, when you're at such a scenic place, it's hard to pass up shooting something. I decided not to even attempt HDR with this scene after a disappointing failure at Jekyll Island in the fall with a similar sunrise. Just captured what was there and didn't try to force this scene into something that it wasn't. Simplicity seems to be becoming more and more appealing these days. Nikon D200 at 52mm; f/8 at 2.2 sec; -1 EV.


  1. Yes simple, but effective. The silhouette makes a very classic image of an iconic subject. Since there is not a lot of color here, what do you think about a monochromatic treatment, maybe blue-toned? I think that is an assignment coming up, but may be too far down the road.

  2. Been there, done that. Nothing like a cloud bank on the horizon to dampen a your enthusiasm about that spectacular sunrise you just knew you would get.

    With that said, I do feel those moments still allow the connection to nature as evidenced by your getting this iconic photo. Still a nice capture. I can feel the stillness and quiet of the moment in the shot.

  3. Very moody photo and a different treatment of a iconic subject. You found an interesting way to show the colors of the sunset off.

    Good work.