Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lauren #5

Another photo of Lauren taken several weeks ago in Galveston. This was taken early on in the shoot when we were experimenting with some backlighting. Heavy light from behind provided by Larry's Elinchrom; gold reflector from the front. I opened up the face a little in postprocessing with layers and textures. The textures also warmed up the image a lot. Nikon D200 at 85mm; f/4, 1/320 sec. I was above the 1/250 sec sync threshold here, and you can sort of see some tell tale darkening at the very top, but the texture does a pretty good job of hiding that.


  1. Wow! You did a great job with this one Steve. I love how you handled the highlights coming from behind on her hair. Sharp photo too. Nice job.

  2. Doug said it --- wow! The color in this image really gives it an impact for me, and the texture in the upper left is swirly and seems to rhyme her hair being blown. Didn't you process this same exact shot in black and white recently? Lauren looks so relaxed and happy, very lovely and glowing. The edge is great too. I wouldn't have noticed how sharp it is just because of the impact of the other things but now that Doug mentioned it, that seems to be a fantastic lens.

  3. It is a very similar shot to the first Lauren photo I posted on March 28, but not the same one. Both shot at 1/320 sec, however.