Monday, May 24, 2010

Granville Street Bridge

Here's another photo from Vancouver -- the view under the Granville Street Bridge from the Granville Island side. This was taken on our last day in Vancouver, and it started to turn pretty cloudy and rained a little right after this shot was taken. There wasn't much color in this shot even though it was HDR -- so I decided to try black and white. It was the best I could do. Maybe at some later date, I'll try and add some color or texture. I tried a couple of things but nothing really struck me as going anywhere. So for now this one lives in stark black and white waiting for some inspiration. Nikon D200 at 24mm, 3 handheld bracketed frames merged together with Photomatix Pro. Base exposure at f/8 and 1/320 sec.

1 comment:

  1. Like the framing of this one. It makes two areas of the photo interesting--the bridge structure and the buildings. I might consider making the sky even darker and a little more dramatic. That might add what you are looking for.