Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Version #1

First version of my attempts to salvage this image. I've had this fascination recently with the cross-processed look, key shifting color, etc. Not sure where it's come from because most of my photography over the last few years has really been aimed at optimizing exposure either through HDR or blending color temperatures from multiple exports from a raw file. Maybe it's the summer time, when the slightly desaturated, warmer tones seem to fit better. This variation has a lighten layer, a warm photo filter layer, and then a couple of teal blue texture layers -- actually the same texture in two different blending modes. First texture was masked into the sky in linear burn blending mode, then the same texture was applied to the rest of the image in hard light blending. Both with quite a bit of masking to help with the transitions. I tried to create some depth here, with the warm -- cool -- warm color movement from edge to center.

1 comment:

  1. I am a complete photography novice (I just snap hundreds of photos on auto and hope for the best) but my instinct is that I prefer the original shot with the white triangle so far. I think the warmth of colours in the first one connects better with the warmth of character oozing from the subject.