Sunday, November 29, 2009

Lauren #4

Another shot from the trash the dress photo shoot with Lauren. I can't remember exactly if the strong backlight here was natural or with a flash. I think probably a combination of both, so I went with it and made the skin tones a little more high key. What is it about a portrait subject looking off camera that makes it a more intriguing image? Especially here in a wedding dress. Anticipation? Nervousness? Somehow this photo appeals to me, but can't seem to figure out if it's the pose or the contrast between the soft subject and the rough background.


  1. I think the pose speaks for this photo. It leaves you with the feeling there is something she is waiting on and this creates some tension in the photo. Nice shot.

  2. Nice lighting! I think the light from camera left was the sinking sun --- remember how the door was in shadow but the right edge of the frame still had some light hitting there? Then I think the softbox upside down directly across from her was filling in her face (unless you lightened it there). What was your aperture? It did great things with the door --- enough detail yet soft enough against the sharpness of the veil. I agree, this shot has an air of intrigue or mystery about it...even a "runaway bride" vibe if you want to go that far!

  3. Her expression is great and the lighting complements the expression perfectly.