Sunday, November 1, 2009

Blue Angels

The weather was perfect for the 25th Annual Wings Over Houston Air Show this weekend. Crowds were huge partly because of the weather and also because the Navy flying team the Blue Angels were performing. It's been a while since they've flown at the air show. I've been tweaking my focus modes on my camera lately, really trying to learn what's best for a given situation. Today it was dynamic area focus with closest subject priority, and that really seemed to work well. My percent of keepers (as far as focus) was as high as it's been in recent air show memory. The image above was shot at 1/1000 sec, shutter priority, f/5 with my 300 f/4 lens; I just did a little cropping and sharpening in Photoshop. That 300 f/4 really is a perfect lens for air shows -- sharp, responsive, and light weight.


  1. Super job on this shot Steve. I was watching the air show from my house. You had a better view!

  2. Are you serious or joking that the 300 F4 is light weight? After a few hours of handholding that lens, really ANY lens, and shooting up at the sky, I know from experience the photographer gets really sore and tired. It is interesting to read that the closest subject focusing works in this case because it has always frustrated me by focusing on something I don't want it to. This is a great tack-sharp image and the blue and yellow combination really shows off the markings on the planes.

  3. Nice shot Steve!

    Great color and composition. It's amazing how precise the formations are that they fly in!

    Well done!

  4. Guess I meant that the 300 f/4 is light weight in comparison to other lenses I saw in the crowd yesterday.

  5. I think the photo shows the precision that these pilots have at operating jets at 300-400 mph. The colors are spot on. Good work.