Sunday, November 15, 2009

Emergency Exit View

This was my view from the emergency exit on the flight from Birmingham to Houston yesterday as Kim and I returned from our trip to Savannah and Jekyll Island, Georgia. What a great flight -- beautiful sunset, lots of leg room, and no screaming kids. It doesn't get much better. More photos to follow from the trip...


  1. I've probably seem more beautiful sunsets from a plane than any other location. Why is that? Most likely because I don't have a camera in hand when I see it. I'm glad to see you took advantage of the old adage "you can't shoot it if you don't have a camera". I fly Southwest most of the time and I'm working on getting that perfect shot of the wingtip among the clouds. Maybe I'll have my camera next time.

  2. Nice shot. I like the graphic elements of the wing versus the natural elements of the sunset.