Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Air Force Memorial #2

At the top is a wide shot of the memorial -- from the hillside as you walk up -- not a great shot, but you can get a better idea of the memorial as a whole. Next time I shoot there, I will get there early with morning light and bring a wide angle lens. While it looks pretty spacious here, when you're at the base of the memorial, it's tough to get wide enough to get the whole thing in one frame. Below that is a view from the Air Force Memorial -- in the foreground at lower left you can see a small portion of Arlington Cemetery, and in the center is the Washington Monument with the National Mall along the horizon. This was the only shot I took from that vantage point. I textured and edged it with some newly found images.


  1. Both shots are interesting. Of course I like the texture and frame on the top image a lot, it really creates a vintage mood and I like your use of the tree branches too. The rows of headstones in Arlington adds such great graphic lines. The second image is pretty impressive also, I wish it would enlarge so I could see it better.

  2. Steve, you lost me with today's images. I really liked the 30 May shot.

  3. I have the same gripe about enlarging the photo. I cannot really offer a critique without seeing it larger. I do know it doesn't have the same impact as the B&W treatment did.

    The photo with the Washington Monument looks like it came out of someone's shoebox up in the closet. Nice job with the texture and dating the photo.


  4. Great images. I was wandering through the blogs and found yours. Nice post process and love the angles. Thanks for sharing.