Wednesday, June 24, 2009


My friend Robert visited Houston this past weekend, and we made a trip to the San Jacinto Monument in LaPorte. Whenever I'm there, especially inside the monument at the base, I get these vivid memories of going there as a child on a class field trip. Must be something about those cold, dark granite floors that bring all those memories rushing back. Thirty-five years ago, before video games, cell phones, and iPods, an end-of-year spring trip was a big deal to a pre-teen. I remember a sack lunch of bologna and mustard sandwiches with a frozen soda that you never were quite sure whether or not it would be fully thawed when it came time to drink. When I opened the raw file for the image above, I used the luminence and saturation sliders to boost the blue in the sky, but then in Photoshop as I thought about my memories I took this image in an entirely different direction. I added a texture and a yellow color overlay. But, sadly, there's no Photoshop filter called: "add memories of cold granite floor." Too bad.


  1. Nice shot Steve! The "aging" you did in post is terrific. It looks just like a scan of a legitimately aged old photo!

    Well done!

  2. I like this too. It definitely looks vintage. What a great sky, and I like the slight angle, the shadows help give the monument form. But they must have moved that giant flag that Charlie G. got in his image...