Friday, June 5, 2009

Night at Pier 19 #2

OK, so it was gonna be a slow night. I was really preparing to pack it in and call it an early night. The lighting, the birds -- somehow they just weren't cooperating. However, there's always alot of ship traffic where I normally shoot from -- it's near shrimp boats that are docked at Pier 19. And from that boardwalk, you can get a good view across the ship channel to Pelican Island. Drilling rigs and boats are docked there to be repaired. On this particular night, there were lots of tug boats and pilot boats, even an odd-shaped, square-hulled boat that looked like some kind of research ship that was leaving port. So, as the sun slowly lowered and the hour reached 6:30 as I looked across the channel, I saw this dolphin playing in the wake of the tug boat Harris II. It's nice to see unbirdled nature like this. It's spontaneous, and even better since I was shooting birds in flight I had my camera set to shutter priority at 1/1250 of a second. Sometimes luck is better than skill when spontaneous happens.

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  1. The target of the image is the Jumping Dolphin, so I think of the picture being in the "Street Photography" mode. Even though you have done a nice job of putting the dolphin in the center of the frame and the boat near a 1/3 line, viewers should concentrate on the captured event. The technical aspects and anticipation must have been very difficult even if you call it luck. I have never caught any kind of animal jumping out of the water.