Monday, June 8, 2009

Night at Pier 19 #5

I was lucky that the skimmers were flying around as much as they were that night. Although I got very few great shots, they are so much fun watching and trying to photograph that I probably spent too much time on them. My plan was to switch lenses as the sun got low on the horizon and start shooting egrets and pelicans backlit. But as I was walking down the boardwalk I saw the scene above - the shrimp boat Voyager from Matagorda. The low, soft light was perfect, so with the 70-200 lens still on I walked out onto one of the slips across from the Voyager and took about 20 images of the boat. I liked the reflections and the golden light on the back of the boat. And like the skimmers, I probably spent too much time here. Maybe it was one of those things that looked better in person than it translated to in an image.


  1. This entire "Night at Pier" series has really been excellent. Seems like one of those shoots where everything just falls into place [I know - because of lots of hard work!]

  2. Sometimes you do have to "just be there", but anyone who has experienced golden light knows what you mean. Great image.

  3. Not sure which I like more: the golden light or the simple, straight forward scene. This is the type of thing that you can very easily "pass-up" because you are just not looking. Great job at looking!

    Your lens selection also adds a lot to this one. The compression makes the scene jump out at you a little more.

    Good job, my man.

  4. Outstanding photo Steve!

    I love the composition and the warm tones! The photo makes me wish I had been there to see it in person!

    Well done!

  5. Steve,
    Is there any way I can get an electronic file of this picture along with any others you have of "The Voyager". My Dad used to own and operate this "shrimp" boat when I was a little girl. Just out of curiosity I googled the boat's name and found your blog. Below is my email address, a reply would be greatly appreciated.
    Ami "Menke" Doran