Saturday, February 21, 2009

...not antsy

The photo above was taken at the Rookery in High Island, Texas last spring. This egret did some of the most amazing poses I'd ever seen, dropping his (or her) wings, neck twists, head positions -- it was pretty incredible to watch. The post of the white pelican earlier in the week got me thinking of how lucky we are as photographers to be in positions to record these things -- how placing a nice camera around your neck will get you into places and allow you to meet people who you never would otherwise...and in the case of this photo allow me to be standing on a wooden platform and watch a great egret during nesting season. Come April, I'll be at High Island again. Not sure what I'll find post-Ike. But spring is surely going to be especially important to the upper Texas coast this year - recovery, rebirth, and hopefully not many mosquitoes.


  1. Just a really unique pose and a great job of capturing it. I have seen tons of egret photos but this one is different, in a good way.

    Nice shot.


  2. Love the pose and the fact that the moment was captured.

  3. As a full time, professional bird photographer, let me congratulate you on an interesting study in flexibility. It is hard to image how any animal could move their bodies in so many ways. The lighting on the bird is very nice.

    One suggestion: you might consider attending the Larry Patrick Photography seminar on Bird Photography. I think this in-depth study of all my most famous bird photographs (all three of them), will take you bird photography to the next level.

    Just a thought!

    Nice job, again.