Thursday, February 5, 2009

from the cutting room floor

Here's another image that honestly I never thought would see the light of day. It was taken last spring at the annual San Jacinto Day and battle reenactment. For those who never sat in a Texas history class in grade school, this 1836 battle was the decisive Texas victory for independence from Mexico. Every year, the 18-minute battle is reenacted, including the surrender of Santa Ana, near the San Jacinto Monument and the site of the original battle, just east of Houston. I have mixed emotions about reenactments - like the Pearl Harbor reenactment at air shows. In some ways hokey, and other ways deeply emotional, I guess if you go into it with the mindset that it is a tribute it's OK. But you gotta admit it's a little weird. Makes you wonder what they'll be reenacting 100 years from now. But I digress. Bay Area Photo Club friends Cindi Barker, Paul Kiessling and I went to the event last year in search of "action" photos for a monthly assignment. As it turned out I got much better bird photos for the assignment, so these images went basically untouched until now. Inspired by Brian Bastinelli's great work texturing and adding edges to rodeo images that he's been posting recently on his blog, here's my attempt.

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  1. The texture definitely adds to this photograph. It takes the photograph back to the time that the original battle was fought, but then seems to add a "dream like" quality to the image. I like what you did. Really good job.