Tuesday, February 17, 2009


This photo was taken a couple of weeks ago down in Galveston. The white pelicans are right in the middle of their migration through the area over the winter, and most can be seen hunched down along the shoreline as the cold north winds blow. This one particular pelican put on a great show jumping from one rock to another. It must have taken him (or her) a good 5 minutes to make the leap - stretching, preening, and wing flapping. As a photographer, you appreciate those moments -- when you catch nature in its unfiltered form.


  1. Not sure this guy is as pretty as my bird. But, I guess you have to shoot what is available. Nice shot.

  2. I like how you kept from blowing out the white as it comprised most of your photo. You lost some detail in the far wing but captured a lot of detail in the body and the texture of its feathers on the side facing you.