Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ladies' Man

Never let it be said that Mr. Larry Patrick misses an opportunity to dive headfirst into his photography pursuits. The photo above was taken at Galveston's Fat Tuesday celebration this week. I'll be posting some images over the next several days from Sunday's pet parade and kid's parade along with Tuesday's blow out that closed Mardi Gras on the island. I thought this photo was a good one to lead off with. Mardi Gras brings together all types of people - bikers, cowboys, girl scouts, professionals, working class locals --- all just trying to have a little fun before lent. Mr. Patrick, here, looks like he's having a little more fun than I expected him to have. Be sure to click the photo for a larger view to see the sheer joy in his face.


  1. Patrick always was the shy type! :-)

    This is a fun sun shot Steve. I'm glad you guys weren't "all work and no play"! Thanks for sharing.


  2. One of those shots you just can't help smiling at! You are going to have to be prepared for retaliation now.


  3. It is hard to make a bad photograph when you are working with top talent, which you can obviously see in this photo.
    PS--You should have been at the after party if you wanted some really great photographs.