Sunday, March 28, 2010


I took a break this weekend from the Elissa images, and Larry, Doug, Cindi, Mike and Shirley and I did a portfolio shoot with models Lauren and Chelsea down at a warehouse in Galveston. Above is Lauren. Really weird thing about this image. I took probably 400 images of the two women. After downloading the cards, I randomly picked one image to open just to take a peak. Mind you, I wasn't even in Bridge and didn't see a preview. Just picked an .NEF file and double clicked and processed through ACR and spent about 15 minutes in Photoshop retouching. Now, I'm not sure if it was just dumb luck or if this is an indication of how nice these images will be. But I know in my mind that there are at least a dozen images of Lauren I liked better as I was shooting them. Feels good when things all start to click -- beautiful light, great model, good location, windy day, and expert light and reflector handling by Larry and Doug. Nikon D200, 85mm at 1/320 sec at f/4. Yes, I was trying to cheat the sync and briefly went up to 1/320 sec. Got a slight vignette at the top, but seemed to fit into the image. Again, gotta love it when things good and bad come together to make an image.


  1. Wow! Great shot Steve!

    Looks too good to be luck so I think your gonna have to credit yourself with some serious skill!

    Looking forward to seeing some more!


  2. Nice work Steve. This is a nice look for her. I'm happy with my shots for the most part too. We definitely had two subjects willing to give us the angles and shots we were looking for.

  3. Fabulous! I'm not sayin' you aren't a fantastic photographer, but I know you will agree that even a point and shoot would love those girls --- hard to get a bad shot of either of them. But this image is exceptionally gorgeous and I know she will LOVE it! Great composition, background, expression, wind, everything works here. Why did you choose black and white over color?

  4. Wow is right! Luck, well I doubt it. I see a well done high end photo. Proud to take and receive for both parties. Looking forward to see more "luck". :-)

  5. I think I went with the black and white because we used a gold reflector so much that day that I processed the images warmer than I normally do trying to capture that in post, and I was concerned it was too warm. Plus black and white seemed to make it more classic.