Sunday, March 21, 2010

Incoming Pelican #5

Post #5 -- Huh, camera isn't focusing, even at 200mm this is getting a little too close for comfort. What's the wingspan of a full grown brown pelican? Isn't it about 6-7 feet? Huh. I'm gonna bail out of this shot and begin to lean toward my right.
And right about the same time, I feel the brush of a pelican wing across the top of my head ... or maybe it was just the rush of wind from a downstroke. Hard to tell.
The life of a bird photographer, especially one that has an inclination for the "in-flight" shots, has its moments. Sometimes it's poetry and grace; other times it ain't so pretty. And still other times, you're just happy to still have your cap on and your lens intact.

1 comment:

  1. I knew it! That had to be one of the weirdest things to happen to you, at least in the last 5 years. I guess he didn't miss a beat either?