Wednesday, March 31, 2010


From Saturday's shoot in Galveston -- here's Chelsea. This one I actually used Bridge to select. I was drawn to the pose and the expression here. I thought it was very natural. Again, monochromatic to give it more of a traditional feel like the first shot of Lauren.
Comments welcome ... ok, expected regarding the blown highlights. My thoughts -- first this was on the platform of a warehouse and the highlight you see over her shoulder is the end of the platform in the western sky. So it was bright, very bright, probably 120 feet away. Could I have recomposed? Sure, but there was something about her pose here that I really liked and I would have had to get up and move, which would have spoiled that moment. So I shot about 25 images from this position -- some with more and some with less highlight in the background than this. My one defense for having it there is that it mimics the artificial light we were using from the side and slightly behind. So I think it's not ideal, but I can live with it. I think sometimes we are too critical of exposure. We create this small, defined box for image exposure to fit in, and I think at times there can be some roughness around the edges and the image can still have impact.

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  1. I like this one Steve. The light is not as distracting in this image as in others I have seen. You did a nice job of muting the effect. My eye isn't really pulled hard left and away from her face as a result. I do note it's there, but it's not overwhelming for me.