Sunday, February 21, 2010

Shop Keeper Revised

Here's a revised version of my last post. After some input from Doug and Cindi I decided to rework this a bit - I lightened up the shadow side of the face, also tried to de-emphasize her natural dimple that created an odd shadow pattern. I also removed her hand from the right side and let the edge and texture fill that area.


  1. I like this version much better. Her face without the shadow looks more pleasing. I still think the arm and fingers could have been left in the photo, but agree this is cleaner with a less distracting background.

  2. Great changes. You removed the areas that were distracting to me and now all I focus on is her beautiful face. I agree with Doug that you could have left the hand with the fingers lightened enough to identify what was there, but removing them completely is fine too. Have you sent this shot to her? I am sure she will love it.

  3. The cloning-out of the hand and arm really cleaned this one up. Lighting is nice and soft.