Sunday, February 7, 2010

Another Floral Macro

Another in the series of shallow depth of field floral photos I've been doing over the past year.
On a totally side note, I read a post earlier today from Jerry Jones on his Shadowhouse Creations blog. He mentions he will no longer be posting textures on Flickr, but will continue to share his great work on his blog. Interesting post and comments. Here's the link. So if you read his blog for inspiration and resources for your own work, it'd be nice to leave a comment of encouragement. Many of us post photos for fun and to share, but it's really incredible the quality and amount of resources he makes available for free.


  1. I guess I don't check in enough with you guys to know anything. I did go to Jerry Jones blog and it is fantastic. What a giving person!!

    Steve! Your macro photographs are so nice. I really hope you do a body of work on these. You must have a body of work already as I seen at least 10 and I never tire of them. One thing in this photo puzzles me. That bright spot right by the center of the flower. What is that? My eye is drawn to that.

  2. That bright spot is part of the other stamen that is grey, and when it goes out of focus so fast, I guess the blur causes it to look like that. Good point. I'll see if I can take it out.
    I'll have seven of these macros up at TAACCL from Feb. 11 to the first week of April -- upstairs.