Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Renaissance Festival Shop Keeper

This picture was made at the Renaissance Festival in November. It's been floating around on my hard drive ever since. Finally finished it off tonight with a slight warming layer and an edge. As I remember that day, Doug and I started talking with the owner of this shop, and he had us photographing everyone who was nearby. This woman was working behind the counter, so we had to wait a bit for someone to fill in for her while we took a couple of photos. Not sure if Doug shot her or not. I kinda don't think so because we were in such a hurry. We were in full stride paparazzi mode by then -- not taking too much time with any one person. Anyway, the more I've seen the photo over the past few months, the more I like it -- nice expression, decent light, sharp eyes, and a not-too-cluttered background. Can't ask for much more in the realm of less-than-5-minute potraits. Nikon D200, 1/160 sec at f/5.6, flash through softbox from camera right.


  1. You were correct with all your comments. We actually had taken some photos of another young woman by this shop. At the request of the shop owner we moved her to his large Santa Claus inside the shop where Steve took a few shots. He then asked if we would shoot this woman who was working the counter for him. I did not shoot her.

    Good color (love all the color) with the flaming red hair, exposure and detail in the shot. I remember working around tons of people coming and going at this shop. Her hand to the right side of the frame touching the wall of the shop distracts me slightly, mainly because it seems to just float out there, cut off a little. Maybe dodging those two or three other fingers would bring it more into focus and not feel as though it were a part of something else.


  2. Beautiful subject, wonderful light, gorgeous colors too. I like a lot about this image. I agree with Doug --- I cannot tell that is her hand on the left and keep looking there to try to figure it out. Maybe cloning it away, or burning in that area to darken it? Does the uneven light on the left of her cheek (her right) bother anyone? Since it is right where that piece of hair is on her face, it draws my eye too but that is something that I would not catch when photographing in such short time frames either. Maybe that area could be darkened a little to be closer in tone to the shadowed areas of her skin. This portrait reminds me of a painting. The diagonal from her eyes to her jewelry to ...the details in her dress is really nice!