Sunday, February 28, 2010

Above the Trees

Bishop's Palace and Sacred Heart Church -- taken from the esplanade on Broadway about two blocks west. I see this scene every time I come into Galveston; and sadly with the oaks now cut down post Ike, there are new vantage points previously obstructed by trees. I found myself there Saturday morning so I stopped and took a couple of shots. I didn't have a tripod, so I handheld a couple of bracketed exposures. Ended up with some misalignment so I did a one-shot HDR merge of a couple of Photomatix tonemapped variations. I wish I could have gotten a bit higher to shoot above the treeline. And maybe at a different time of year and a little earlier in the morning there might even be a sunrise in the background. Nikon D200, 180mm at f/6.3.


  1. I like it. Goes to show what can be done with a single exposure in Photomatix too.

  2. Nice shot Steve!

    I never really noticed before how much color variation there was in the roof tiles Bishops Palace.

    I think this is a really intersting perspective as well.

    Well done!

  3. I have never seen this angle and I really like it. It gives these two building a different look. HDR makes this image have a great deal of depth.

  4. Well done in deed! I was there about two weeks ago taking pictures of all the church's among others. I didn't see this angle, makes me want to stop and take more time and not be rushed. You have given me another chance to re-examine mine since I too was hand holding. Great Job & Thanks for the lesson!

  5. Steve, I don't know from an art standpoint if a sunrise would have done this justice. These moody clouds are magnificent!