Sunday, September 8, 2013

Schuenke Family Portrait -- Original

Doug asked about seeing the original of the family portrait I posted last week, and here it is. As you can see, elminiating light from the capture really helped with the oxidized areas in the shadows. In postprocessing I retouched out all flaws and scratches and darkened down the areas that had the grey-ish colors in the shadows. Considering the age of the photo, I thought the overall quality of the image was very good. This is a large print, probably 11x14, mounted on some sort of dark grey board. Finals of the reproduction shot were: 1 sec, f/11, 85mm, with a tripod.

1 comment:

  1. It looks like you were very fortunate that any really bad areas were on the outer edges and not actually on their faces. It's evident that you still had a great deal of work to perform in order to get the photo to where it is now.

    Saving a piece of family history is a noble endeavor. I'm sure the rest of the family is happy with it too. Very nice work.