Sunday, October 14, 2012

Under the Pleasure Pier

Earlier this year I bought a variable neutral density filter with the idea of using it in Georgia and Florida on the trip to Jekyll Island and Amelia Island. I never spent the time or had the patience then to use it properly. I was pretty frustrated the few times I pulled it out of my bag. I found myself in Galveston early Saturday morning so I decided to try again. The photo above was taken under the Pleasure Pier on 25th Street and Seawall. 3 secs at f/16 with 8 stops of density dialed in on the filter, ISO 200, 48mm; further enhanced with Nik Color Efex.


  1. Like the color and quality of light in the image. The smooth look of the water is sweet.

  2. Great image!!!!!! I found it via google, I'm taking a vacation at Jekyll soon. I'm looking at getting one of the BW 10-stop filters for similar work. Most folk use them variables for video work.
    I bet this would be nice as a grayscale image if a wide tonal range was pulled.