Saturday, March 5, 2011

Assemble the Skyline #1

During the past week, I've had the opportunity to photograph the band Assemble the Skyline a couple of times. The band is made up of (left to right) Max Waller, Luke Boor, Nick Jordan, and Austin Hayman. They were in Galveston to play at Mardi Gras last weekend, and they also did an acoustic show at Bacchus Wine Bar on the Strand Thursday night. I've known the Boor family for quite a few years. I've seen Luke grow up from performing for friends and family in front of the TV to fronting an up and coming rock band in Los Angeles. All four guys above are really nice, hard-working young men. You admire those that follow their dream, resisting the safe route through life and using their talents to go above and beyond the 8-5 routine.

Larry Patrick and I did a photo session with them last Friday. Larry's been posting some images over on his blog. I'll be posting some too throughtout the next week or so. The image above was taken in Luke's parent's dining room, which has become a practice studio while they are here. While Larry was trying out his new Pocket Wizard Flex remote triggers, I decided to just use an on camera SB900 here and shot it straight up into the 12-foot high ceiling. Nothing too fancy here, desaturated a little in Adobe Camera Raw, and a little vignetting was added.

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