Monday, January 25, 2010

Kelsi #1

Last Monday, Larry Patrick, Doug Haass and I got together and shot Kelsi - third baseman for the Friendswood High School softball team. Both Doug and Larry have posted photos from later in the shoot when we were trying some edge lighting. Here are links to Larry's and Doug's photos. The photo above was taken earlier in the day with more traditional lighting -- Larry's Elinchrome Quadra providing light from off-camera left. Nikon D200 at 70mm, 1/320 sec at f/9, ISO 200. Textures and edges added in Photoshop. What really puzzled me about this shot was that there is no vignette even though it was shot at 1/320 of a sec and the maximum sync speed of the D200 is 1/250 of a sec. I'm not sure how my shutter drifted up that high, but even without the texture it is a clean exposure top to bottom -- kind of a mystery, but I'm not complaining.


  1. Nice job with this one Steve. I like how you controlled the BG, but did not completely eliminate it. Color and skin tones look nice. Good pose. I know we tried several at this spot. I will be interested in seeing some of the ones from a little further back.

  2. Beautiful! She looks so different from the tough-attitude ones that have been posted! (due to the softer lighting, or her expression???) I really like the painted wall background and how it gives a hint of the school and mascot. And how your eye goes to her face first and then the team name. Great post processing, the frame really finishes the shot.

  3. As to the shutter sync speed of 1/320th of a second, I have had similar situations. I also have no explanation as to why you have no line.

    As to the photo, very nice pose and nice even lighting that complements her pose. You did a great job bring out, what I consider to be her best feature, her eyes. To me this portrait says: I am a relaxed, confident young lady. Good job.