Sunday, December 13, 2009

Dickens on the Strand #2

This photo was taken at Dickens on the Strand last weekend in Galveston. Larry and I photographed this same woman last year while she was working in a booth, and we both were unhappy with our results. We both tried our hand at salvaging an image. Mine was posted on this blog here in May. Basically the booth background ended up being too distracting for anything really usable. This year, we saw her along the Strand and were able to move her into a neutral background. This was shot with two softboxes against a wall on 23rd and Strand. And while this photo didn't do very well at our photo club meeting last week, I was happy to get a decent portrait of this woman ... a year later.


  1. I like your version Steve. I shot most of my stuff that day as a pretty tight crop. I think part of that was a result of using a slightly longer short zoom 28-105mm. It kind of pulled me in before I realized it. Next time I will be shooting a 24-70mm and back off a little.

    Nice job on exposure and controlling the background.

  2. I liked this image so much when it came up on Honors Night. I love the crop with the interesting background, the expression on the woman, the soft lighting, the muted colors, your processing, everything works together to make a beautiful and timeless portrait. I was very surprised it did not score better. I do not see how it could be improved at all.

  3. Nice soft lighting on her face and clothing--it really makes a contrast with the background. She is really relaxed in front of the camera and that shows.