Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Mission San Juan

More experiment than anything else, this is Mission San Juan with texture added mostly around the edges. Probably not the best way to postproduce the series. The texture seems to impart some color cast to the image overall that was difficult to take out. Again, I'm still trying to get a handle on blending texture with real photo; and deep down I feel that age and texture are appropriate for these images, but feeling my way on how best to integrate it. Maybe sepia tone, then texture. Feel free to comment.


  1. I don't know Steve, it's a very good image as it is. I really like the composition, sky, and the edge treatment. I do think you may be on to something with the idea of sepia tone. The colors in the image are great but to me there is almost too much color. Others may disagree but either way it's a great shot.

  2. This view of the mission is really beautiful. I love the edge you used, and the warm colors draw your eye to the doors and all the texture in the walls. I think it is wonderful as is, but a sepia tone would give it even more of an aged feeling so I think it would depend on how the other images you will use in the series look best also. The only comment I would have about an improvement is that the black iron cross is hard to see so close to the dark textured edge so maybe lightening the area right there would help it to stand out more.

  3. I too like this shot and feel sepia may be the bomb. I also agree with Cindi on the black iron cross. I didn't miss it, but came close. I think it's important to the photo and should be a little more visible.

    Nice job Steve.

  4. The colors are really fine in this one. Your very straight forward composition fits the subject extremely well. I cannot think of any real improvements that I would make.