Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Soft Focus Sunflower

Sorry for the long absence posting new photos over the last several weeks -- I've had internet issues and frankly I've been enjoying taking a little bit of a break. But all seems well with my internet connection, so I'm back to the blog. This image is a continuation of a personal project I've been working on for about seven months -- using extension tubes with a 50mm lens, which essentially makes it a macro lens. By using the extension tubes, you get very soft focus backgrounds. This is a sunflower shot with two off-camera strobes. The ambient background was kind of muddy grey, so I shifted it slightly purple which I thought made a nice color combination with the yellow/orange flower. The edge was added with an OnOne Photoframe preset.


  1. This is one awesome shot Steve. It was worth the wait. I'm not even sure how to comment on this one; it's so well done.

    I love the color palette, the soft curling edges taking your eye through the photo...it's beautiful. It's so simple, yet has so much going for it. I swear it took my breath away when I saw it.

    This needs to be printed on Fine Art paper to make the most of it.


  2. The colors are wonderful and the angle of the flower really makes for a strong composition. The frame gives it a very "fine art" appearance. Really good job.