Monday, August 24, 2009

Mission San Jose Side View

This will probably be the "look" of the final series of these mission photos -- sepia toned and wide angle, emphasizing the mission architecture against the sky. This is a five-frame HDR merged together with Photomatix Pro, cropped, converted to monochrome with Nik Silver Efex, then some additional curves layers were added to paint in some highlights and shadows. I like the way the palms in the foreground mimic the two mission peaks, even the way visually that the palms take you up and out into the image. I guess the only missing things would be two dominant clouds in the sky that would complete the foreground-midground-background triad. Still, for showing up at a random mission on a random day and taking what's there, I think it works pretty well and meets what I set out to do.


  1. Excellent look Steve! I am sure Patricia will love it. I like the sepia for these subjects, since the Missions have a simple color pallete.Thanks for letting me tag along with you and Kim on the shoot.

  2. This is my favorite shot of the series. It all works well together. The sepia treatment is appropriate for this image.


  3. Very nice Steve!

    This is my favorite of the San Antonio missions. It doesn't have the fame or history of the Alamo but to me it is the most architecturally interesting of the four. Your composition and post-processing on this shot are outstanding!

    Well done!

  4. I am a mere follower of great minds--well, maybe not GREAT!

    This is my favorite also. The foreground and the mission work beautifully together to make it an extremely well composed photo. The use of sepia dates the photo in the same era as the mission itself, so it was definitely the right choice.

    Excellent job--can I tag along and get some tips from the master next time? Please, please!

  5. Oh well, it apparently isn't original but this is my fav of your mission shots as well. The tonal range is great but it's the range of textures that I think make the shot. Good work.

  6. Ditto... :-)


    PS: The clouds in the background work fine for me. The sharpness and contrast of the middleground makes the subject dominate image, as it should.

    Beautiful work.

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